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Registration & Tuition

Miss Mickey’s Dancers | Lyons, IL | Dance Classes for Kids

Click the link below to go directly to our registration page, or for more information about class sessions and tuition, keep scrolling!

Miss Mickey's Dancers 2023 Class Session Info:

Miss Mickey’s Dancers meet once a week for 45 minutes unless noted otherwise. Classes are held at Beyond Words Dance Center in Lyons, IL.

Summer Class Tuition - Get A Dance Card!

Miss Mickey appreciates the importance of flexibility for families during the summer, therefore a punch card system is used to help make it easy and more affordable! With this 'pay by class' method, families purchase one card for all siblings, class levels, and styles. One punch is used for each student for each class they attend. Registration fees are waived for summer punch cards and discounted for larger packages. 


Choose from one of three card options:

6 Classes = $85

12 Classes = $160

18 Classes = $235 

Fall Class Tuition - Miss Mickey offers two options!

Dance classes are billed monthly and may be canceled at any time with advanced notice. You may start classes mid-month and will be pro-rated accordingly.  

By the Monthly  = $570

$57 per class for the duration of the 10-month session.

By the Session = $540

Avoid late fees, save time, and save money by paying in full the first week of class!

Registration Fees:

$15 annual registration fee
$20 per immediate family registration fee

Additional Information & Service Fees:

Dance classes are billed monthly and may be canceled at any time with advanced notice to Miss Mickey that you will no longer be attending. You may start classes mid-month and are pro-rated accordingly if doing so.  Tuition is due on the 1st of every month. A $15 late fee is applied after the 15th of each month if tuition is not received.


If paying by check, please note that a $25 processing fee is charged for any returned checks. Cash and the following electronic methods of payment are also accepted:


- Zelle to

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