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Meet Miss Mickey!

Get to know more about everyone's favorite dance teacher for kids in Cook County, Illinois...maybe the world!

Mickey Sullivan | Miss Mickey’s Dancers | Lyons, IL | Dance Classes for Kids

Mickey Sullivan
Owner & Artist Director

The original Tiny Tot! Mickey Sullivan, started dancing when she was only two years old. She grew up dancing at Charmette Dance Academy in St Louis, Mo and hasn’t stopped! For over 25 years, Mickey has dedicated her life not only to dance, but to teaching the craft to kids and adults alike. She began teaching in high school as an assistant dance instructor continuing throughout her college years, and as we all know, continues teaching dance to kids to this day.


It is with the youngest of dancers that Miss Mickey found her niche. She has a unique and special ability to bring kids out of their shells to help them feel comfortable and at ease so they can learn and have fun! Even little ones who start off shy and hesitate to participate are eventually won over and grow to love dancing and coming to class.

A note from Miss Mickey:

What I love the most about dance is…EVERYTHING! However, I think the most important part is that dance builds self-esteem and confidence by giving a voice to even the shyest children! My mission is to help kids express themselves through dance in a fun, loving, and safe environment. I focus on creative movement, timing, coordination, and of course fun! I can’t wait to meet your tiny dancer and teach them all the wonderful things dance has to offer.

Feel free to email me! I'm always happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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