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  • Can we start mid-session?
    We have rolling enrollment so you may start anytime as long as there is room in the particular class you wish to register for. If you start mid-month the tuition will be prorated. There are only two sessions, Fall and Summer. The Fall session runs from September through June (like a school year) and the summer session is 6 weeks of a flexible schedule and summer camps are also offered.
  • Do you have a recital?
    Yes, we have two every year! We have a holiday show in December and a recital in mid-June. No one is required to participate in the recital but all are welcome to do so!
  • When I register, am I obligated for the whole school year/session?
    No, you are not. Tuition is billed monthly, so simply inform Miss Mickey before the next month is billed if you wish to discontinue.
  • What do the dancers need to wear?
    For clothes: The girls traditionally wear leotards and tights and the boys comfortable pants/sweats and t-shirts but Miss Mickey is fine with them wearing anything they wish as long as they can move freely. For shoes: All classes require ballet and tap shoes EXCEPT hip-hop. Pink ballet shoes are preferred for girls and black ballet shoes for boys and black tap shoes for everyone. For hip-hop, they may wear CLEAN gym shoes (that are not worn outside), ballet or jazz shoes. They may also just wear socks if they prefer. Discount Dance is a great online store for all sorts of dance clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • What happens if I have to miss a class?
    You are always welcome to do a make-up class anytime! You do not need to schedule it or have permission, just show up to class when it works best for you!
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